Our Doors are Open!

MLK image

As many of you know, I grew up in Texas. Many of those years were spent right on the Gulf Coast. Galveston Bay is awash in blue crabs. Most of them are boxed up and shipped to Maryland. The ones that remain are used as bait for red fish, or get cut up and boiled; yes, you read that right, boiled. No surprise then when Texas based Joe’s Crab Shack didn’t make it here in Bel Air. Yet, they are famous for their phrase: “Love All, Serve All.”

Next Monday is Martin Luther King Jr Day. Despite this being a Federal Holiday, we will be open. Why? When I first moved to Maryland I was an associate doctor for the very first, and longest running Chiropractic clinic in Baltimore. It started in the 1920’s during segregation. I was told stories of how the office had separate entrances, hours and days for not only different races, but for Hasidic patients as well. Even more, one of the first patients I ever treated; his grandmother was born a slave.

I’ve had the unfortunate privilege of dissecting multiple anatomy cadavers. Everyone’s herniated disc looks the same. White, black, gay, straight, Christian, Jew; headaches are headaches, TMJ is TMJ, rotator cuff injuries are rotator cuff injuries.

On Monday, and everyday, all are welcome. Even Steeler’s fans.