Novolife Cleanse for Caitlin Day 6 And the FInal Day &

Day 6 – so this day was a little hard becuase you had those three wonderful days where you got eat dinner of chicken and vegetables and then you had to start drinnking the cleanse again and only shakes so I thought I would miss the food a lot but becuase of it being later in the week the shakes actually filled me up more and I was not nearly as crappy as I was on Day 2!

Day 7- definetly went by slow cause it was the last day and I was looking forward to the next morning. But other than that it wasnt bad. The cleanse even tasted better and I did not have a lot of cravings for the foods I ate before the cleanse. I was really ok and am still doing fine. Let you know if I lost any weight but the big thing for me was changing my cravings and I feel great!