Nice Kicks

Having just spent the weekend in OC I made the following observations: people either don’t take a friend swimsuit shopping, or their friend lies to them.
Remember when friends were supposed to be honest with you and not just prop you up in your own delusions? Remember the 1980’s Friends don’t let friends drink and drive, do drugs etc? Well, consider me your friend. And I don’t want you wearing shape-ups or other rocker type shoes anymore (nor do I want to see you in some of those, let’s say ‘European Style’ suits I saw on the boardwalk).

Let’s be honest, did anyone really think you could get booty-licous by just walking around with your Cinnabon at the mall? Turns out, not only did Vida Guerra it did not make, they were damaging your health. The abnormal motion grossly alters the gait cycle. In other words leading to accelerated degeneration of the feet, knees, hips and low back. So much so numerous class-action lawsuits have been filed.
Want to bounce a quarter off it? Try running,  wall squats and pilates-esk exercises. All while wearing proper fitting shoes; not just for your foot size, but foot shape too. Questions? Come see me for your free foot-structural analysis.