Do I Need a Nutrition Consult?

How often do you use supplements in your nutrition regimen? Taking vitamin supplements is not an exact science.  There is a list of vitamins professionals recommend for most people to take each day, but are you “most people”?  Some medications interact with vitamin supplements.  Some people have conditions that some supplements should not be taken with.  Some people need a different list for optimal nutritional health.  Some people need to take certain supplements together for them to work properly.  Sometimes your list of supplements changes with the seasons and sometimes it changes based on age or activity level. The only way to know for sure that you are taking the best supplements for you is to consult a professional.

If you are thinking “I am healthy. I don’t need vitamin supplements!” Think again.  Do you eat anything that has been processed, grown on US soil, canned, frozen or microwaved?  Our soil no longer has the nutrients it needs to give us fully health fruit and veggies. The method of processing our food strips out nutrients.  It is impossible to get all your nutrients from your diet no matter how healthy you are.

why supplements

Why does a chiropractor talk about supplements?  Chiropractic is about total health.  Vitamin supplements play a big role in how your body heals and functions.  Chiropractors have much more training in nutrition on average than other doctors. Swing by our office to pick Dr.Lee’s brain about the nutrition plan that works for you.


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