My 2 cents

Jenny McCarthy, THE hottie of my under-grad years; where are you now my beloved Jenny? She’s done a few ‘had to pay the rent’ roles, but usually out stoking the vaccine-autism link debate.
Just recently, The Lancet, under extreme pressure, retracted its years old article noting the link. There’s tons of circumstantial and anecdotal evidence in favor, but the official evidence paid for and submitted by the manufacturers of the vaccines and bought politicians says no. So who’s right? They both are. Having slept in both camps as former a researcher in the vaccine industry and now as part of the counter-culture alternative medicine society, I’ve got my views.
Except for having a headache after getting clocked in the head with a baseball bat, there are very few one-cause diseases in the world. Everything else from dandruff to ingrown toenails, from the abdomen to the zygomatic arch and everything in between; all disease and disorder is the result of the interplay between physical, chemical and emotional stress and your body’s reaction to that stress. The sum is more than the whole of the parts. Just like a cake is more than flour, eggs, sugar and butter. This explains why someone who smokes 4 packs a day will live to 100 and die from being hit by a bus, and someone else who’s never smoked will die of lung cancer at 30.
It all starts with grandma. The eggs of a female begin developing while she’s a fetus. Your kid’s developmental pre-dispositions start with what type of stress your mother was under when she was pregnant, especially the first 3 months when she might not have known. What did she eat and drink and not? How well did she sleep? What type of emotional stress was she under? What type of chemicals and toxin was she exposed to? Fast forward 20 or so years and ask yourself the same questions.
Autism, like any other disease, is caused by the same. Water boils at 100 degrees C. 99 degree water is hot, but not boiling. To make it boil, you need to add an additional calorie. Autism is boiling water. Vaccines are calories. They are chemical compounds designed to invoke stress on your body. They create a reaction, and according to the laws of physics, they must have just as many side effects as intended reactions.
So, if a fetus is under stress because mom smokes, drinks, is worried, doesn’t eat well, doesn’t exercise, has certain genetic pre-dispositions, has a traumatic birth, is not breast-feed and on and on and on, that baby is now 99C. Then a vaccine is that extra calorie that makes the water boil.