“Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!” And according to the CDC, the same can be said for masks, for now. New guidance dropped last week, mask usage is now based not on positivity or transmission rate; but on hospitalization. Currently, this leaves about 70% of the country (us included) in the now no longer necessary zone. It appears, that we might finally be on the back 9 of this thing (even though it’s the 9th time saying so).

Mask rules are on and off again more than Ross and Rachel with more permutations than Spiderman movies. Most recently, it was pretty much system-wide recommended due to all the variants. Though the CDC has relaxed their version, we’ve still got the WHO (not The Who, or The Guess Who), NIH, the Feds, the State, the Locals, and regulatory boards.

Not since last summer have any of you been required to dawn a mask. And you still aren’t. You’ve always been welcomed to, and still will if you so choose. On the guidance of the Health Department, we have been. And will continue to do so until we hear from them.


Breaking news, HCPS has now made mask-wearing optional for kids, employees, and visitors. Not sure if this changes anything here or not. But soon, very soon you will be able to gaze upon my good looks.

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