Mask Mandate Ends July 1st

All things must come to an end. Eventually even Fast and Furious sequels will cease. As I’m sure we’ve all heard by now, so is Maryland’s State of Emergency. Among many things, the mask mandate and exemptions will soon expire. In the meantime; I have been told, in no uncertain terms by the State Board of Health, until July 1st masks will still be mandatory in health care facilities. I ask that you please comply with this directive. The last thing I need is guys and gals with badges showing up with a pad lock.

After the July 1st, mask wearing will be completely optional. If you so desire to continue wearing one in the office, by all means feel comfortable and wear it proud. As of the time I pen this, the CDC still urges non-vaccinated folks to wear masks in public; please keep that guidance in mind. If you prefer your provider or our staff to wear a mask while we treat you, please ask.  Also, we ask that you be kind. As we move into this new phase many will still prefer masks and others will not. Even if you choose not to decide, you have still made a choice (Mrs. Spine & I are arguing about who will get this reference). As always, we wish that all patients feel welcome and comfortable in the office.

On that Thursday, we will all have to start wearing deodorant again, see each other’s smiling faces.  Some of you this will be our first time seeing your face! And everyone once again will see how devastatingly handsome I am.