Maintain Proper Posture

I like big [glutes] and I cannot lie. No other chiropractor will deny. When a patient walks in with an in-i-hibited gait, cannot keep pace I get sprung pull up tough ‘cause I know that [glute medius] has inappropriate flexor: extensor ratios.

Ok, so my rhyming is weak, but so is your rear end. When you sit, your glutes are off. By the law of Sheraton’s reciprocal inhibition; your iliopsoas (a hip muscle) is automatically overly activated, which will cause anterior rotation of your sacro-iliac (part of the pelvis) and lumbar spine. This extra torque will lead to back pain. Also in the mix, the paraspinal muscles of your lumbar spine are over-activated triggering painful muscle spasms and loss of motion in your lower back. And the cycle goes on and on.

This process is known as gluteal amnesia. Literally, your butt forgets. What does it forget? Well, it forgets how to maintain proper posture and how to walk without stressing your spine. This leads to injuries and ultimately pain.

maintaining proper posture

How do you jog its memory? Jog. Get up, move around. Jump up and get down, jump around. But really, don’t sit so much. You also need to heal the injuries caused by the weakened muscles, the stress of daily life and the poor posture.

How do we fix it? Well, that’s for me to know and you to find out. Short answer: Physical Therapy. Not so short answer: we have to reverse Sherington’s law with the right mix-a-lot of stretching, strengthening and balance training. I promise my PT skills are much than my free-styling. Much, much better.

(note if you didn’t understand why any of this funny I will introduce you to old school rap)