Last Summer Hurrah!

So in a last hurrah for the end of summer we took the kids to an unnamed but local chocolate themed park that shall remain nameless. 

The Thrill Seeker

As a younger man, I was quite the thrill seeker, but as I’ve grown older and wiser my disdain for thrill rides and their associated lines with $8 flat, watered down sodas has exponentially kept pace; but the things we do for our kids, right? Well, like every other day this past summer, it rained that day. We took a dinner break and the girl’s friends and ride seat partners weren’t as brave as us and bailed for warmer, dryer land; leaving only Mrs. Spine to accompany them on the “The Neck Sprainer” or whatever it was called. I watched from below as longtime fans will remember I was still suffering from an auto accident-related concussion.

Mrs. Spine 

Well, like many untrained spouses, I mean patients, instead of letting me know about it right away and have me treat it soon so it’s quick and easy, she decided to wait it out and let it fester. Just a little soreness turned to spasm which turned to headaches. Low back stiffness turned to pain then turned to skipping 2 weeks of yoga.


Be the Cool Kid

Everyone gets these small injuries. Sometimes the symptoms are immediate, sometimes weeks later, sometimes years later. What can you do? I’d say never ride a roller coaster again, but you’re much more likely to injure yourself vacuuming than riding rides. Coming to see us when you are not in terrible pain can heal the injuries before they get bad (or crazy idea-BEFORE you even feel anything). Just like most people do not only see a dentist when they have tooth pain; or take their blood pressure meds after a heart attack, they go before. Most in fact, go to the dentist biannually in a preventative or wellness manner. The cool kids also go to the chiropractor on a regular, preventative plan too. Be cool, just like me.