La Leche

Breast milk is kind of like Coke, there’s nothing better than the real thing. When at all possible, breast milk should be the only source of calories for children for as long as possible. Does that mean 17 years old? Probably (ok, definitely) not. But 6-18 months is doable under most circumstances. It’s the perfect food, it has everything you need.

The milk lobby is better than its product. They have many people thinking that cow’s milk is just as good and is good for adults too. In a pinch, whole milk can work for kids under 2; for everyone else, dairy is a condiment, not a serving. Turns out it’s not as good for us as we once thought. So lots of people have switched to soy.
Well, soy, in a large population of people, causes intestinal inflammation; especially in children. This inflammation spills over into other systems and can be made manifest in hyper-sensitivity and hyper-irritability disorders such as colic, sleep disturbance tactile abnormalities and ADD/HD.

Then there’s the cereal that we put in the milk so the kid gets fuller so we can hopefully sleep instead of watching Last Call with Carson Daily holding a bottle. Well, like any other carb, the cereal burns out too fast actually making the little poop machines hungrier in the long run (kind of like Chinese noodles). If that wasn’t enough, our intestinal tract is home to 100’s of different types of single-cell organism such as yeasts and bacteria that live in a happy, separate but equal medium. Disturb the balance, and your innards turn into 1990’s Yugoslavia where numerous factions with un-pronounceable names battle for control of the same little area wreaking havoc on everything insight.

Simple carbs too early in life and too many in toddlers through adults help feed the over-growth of the yeasts that snow balls over time resulting in chronic, progressive intestinal inflammation. Manifested by: ADD/HD, tactile abnormalities, blood sugar issues, irrational behavior, anxiety, depression, bowel disorders; chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, psoriasis, lupus, fibromyaglia and so on and so on and so on.

Healthy Highlight
The breath of life. Isn’t it kind of funny how the thing that gives us life is the same thing that deteriorates it? Oxygen. It’s really not that good for you. Technically, it’s half bad for you. Oxygen is taken into the blood, transported to the cells and cleaved in half to power cellular activity. The problem is, these oxygen halves run around the cell wreaking havoc like Boy Scouts at a pizza buffet trying to steal electrons in a process known as oxidation (yes, the same oxidation that rusts American cars). Oxygen makes you look and feel old from that damage. That’s why I take anti-oxidants like the ones found in Lyflo Select’s antioxidant complex to help me keep my boyish good looks-Ok, so maybe I’m not the best spokesman, but could you imagine how bad it would be if I didn’t take them?


Disc disorders-disc disease, such as degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, bulging discs, internal disc derangements and the such are responsible for the vast majority of back pain. Good thing Dr Lee is a disc expert. If you or anyone you know is suffering from disc problems, low back or neck, let us know!