What should you know about Vitamin D?

vit d

  1. You can eat your vitamin D
    • Vitamin D is found in small amounts in a few foods including fish such as herring, mackerel and tuna.
    • Vitamin D is added to dairy products, juices, and cereals. These are labeled as “fortified with vitamin D.”
  2. You are my Sunshine…
    • Most vitamin D – 80% to 90% of what the body gets – can be obtained through exposure of the skin to sunlight. The skin then makes vitamin D.
    • For the skin to make vitamin D, direct exposure is needed for 15 min daily.  However in the winter months, our area of the hemisphere does not get direct rays.
  3. Supplements
    • Good news! Vitamin D can be taken as a supplement.
    • So in the winter months, we can still get benefits of stronger bones and immunity by taking vitamin D supplements.

Vitamin D is one of the vitamins you will find in our cabinet at home.  Even the kids take Vitamin D at our house.  Now it is not a magical pill that will keep you from catching the flu; however, it does boost the immunity and give you the best chance at fighting the germs.