They say Sitting is the New Smoking

They say sitting is the new smoking. I’m old enough that I remember smoking sections in restaurants and on planes that were nothing more than just the next aisle over. I’m probably even old enough that my mom’s OB told her which brand of cigarettes to smoke when she was pregnant (that’d explain my brother). While I don’t think that they’ll start instituting no sitting areas, make employees go outside in the dead of winter to have sit breaks; I do though think we should get off our rumps a bit more.sitting position

Sitting leads to forward head posture, elongation and deactivation of the spinal muscles, reduced hip flexion, deregulation of the glutes, short hamstrings, shoulder rotation and short pectoral muscles. All of which leads to about 1000 different physical ailments. Sitting also influences biomarkers of obesity, heart and other chronic diseases.

Try the following:

doorway stretch exercise hip flex-or stretch exercise wall angel exercise chin tuck exercise

If when you look in the mirror and your posture appears to be “off” it’s time to take a trip to my office and get the professional help you need.