Kenny Day 2 of NOVALIFE

Day 2

7:30am- Survived the first day and I am right back at it.  I wasn’t hungry at all throughout the night.  I notice that when you have things to do you don’t think about being hungry.  So make sure you do something to stop your cravings.

8:00am-  Still following the novalife program and taking the vitamins, cleanse, and shake.  Believe it or not I am not hungry yet, but I am drinking the shakes and cleanse.

10:00am- Just heard my stomach, but I have patients to help so it can wait till 12:00.

12:00pm- I usually put one scoop, but this time I put 1 and a half, guess I felt like treating myself.

Overall, I know I can do this program, besides its just a week, also I get to eat a 600-800 calorie meal on days 3,4,5.  I think I might have spinach and a salmon fillet.