January’s Health Conscious Tip

It’s that time of year when most people will once again become health conscious. It’s as reliable as articles about transforming your health in the new year. Today’s health conscious tip- Did you know that the FDA does not regulate over the counter vitamin supplements?  Sounds strange, but it’s true!  Just because a bottle says its calcium does not mean the pills actually contain calcium! The FDA has found that these pills often do not contain what they claim and sometimes are full of cheap fillers.  (to read the article click the attached link to health magazine 365)

Vitamins purchased from a health care professional are certified. Which means the manufacturer volunteers to have their products tested. This means anyone who takes these supplements can be sure they are taking pure products.  The most common reason people don’t purchase supplements from their health professional is the belief that they are more expensive.  The price tag on the bottle may seem higher; however you generally take less and absorb more.  So your body gets more bang for your buck.
In this day and age, everyone should be taking supplements. Our diets just do not provide the nutrients we need! We recommend only the supplements you need for your lifestyle and age bracket. Another good reason to consult a health care professional is that some vitamins should be taken together and others should never be taken together.
If you have any questions please let us know we will be happy to help.


To read the article http://goo.gl/esSx5z