Is your Dad a chiro-protratcor

A few days ago one of my daughter’s friends asked her, “Isn’t your daddy a chiroprotractor? We all laughed, I guess he used a protractor in school that day! While I am not a protractor, I do like to teach Proactive Wellness. What is proactive wellness? This is something that is not new in healthcare, and you probably do these things already. Well baby (or child) visits, yearly physicals, GYN visits, mammograms, routine dental cleanings, etc.… The purpose of these visits is to catch issues early or prevent them all together. For example, most people visit a dentist and get 2 cleanings per year. Why do we submit ourselves to this torture (sorry Dentists)? -To prevent any serious issues from occurring. It’s always better to find a little plaque or a small cavity, and take care of it early. Anyone who skips these visits are not surprised when they get a cavity or need extensive treatment.

Chiropractic is the same, we call them “wellness visits“. Much like a dentist, we like to catch potential problems early. Most people who walk into our office, when asked how long they have had this condition, say years. Imagine if they had wellness visits with a chiropractor early, they could have gotten it treated early. Therefore avoiding unnecessary pain and damage to the body. For example “I have never had an injury, why do I need wellness visits?”  Everyday life causes micro injuries, that can cause more serious issues over time, ie. a job where you use a computer, having baby, physically or emotional stress… Have you ever stretched a stiff back or neck? That is a symptom of micro injury.These happen each and every day. When a patient seeks a wellness visit these micro injuries are healed.