Is your head screwed on straight?

How many of us were told growing up our heads weren’t screwed on straight? I hate to be the one to tell you your mom was probably right, but she was probably right. Literally your head may not be on straight. I want you to stop what you’re doing right now and go look in the mirror. Better yet, take a selfie. But no snapchat filters, duck lips, weird angles to minimize the double chin; just a straight face. Look at your ears. Is one higher than the other? Is one rotated forward or back? If so, you have a skull on spine misalignment; essentially your head is not on your spine straight.

misalignment between head & spine


Why is alignment important?

When the alignment between the head and spine is not correct it pre-disposes one to headaches, TMJ issues, migraines etc, but in many cases it can screw with your neurology. There are only 2 cranial nerves (nerves whose nucleus originate in the brain and control our most basic functions) that come out the skull. Their exit path is right where head hits neck. If the alignment of the head to spine is not straight these two nerves can get aggravated and when aggravated do not fire correctly.

What do the 2 cranial nerves do?

#1- Cranial Nerve XI aka The Accessory Nerve controls the trapezius muscle. When this nerve goes wonky (that is technical for not working properly), your trap has difficulty dipping your shoulder blade. This prevents you from raising your arm above 90 degrees horizontally and eventually leading to frozen shoulder syndrome. When you go to raise your arm, the rotator cuff muscles do the first 100ish degrees then after that, the trapezius muscle rotates the shoulder blade allowing the last half or so of motion. Key to frozen shoulder; fix your head, fix your arm.

#2 Cranial Nerve X, the Vagus nerve controls all the autonomic functions of the organs and body. The brain tells your body what to do through the Vagus. If the Vagus isn’t right, you’re not right. Common presentations seen with this are: Bell’s palsy, Child development delays, Headaches, Insomnia, MS, POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), Tourette’s, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Upper and lower cross syndrome, Vagal Nerve Disturbances (Digestive, Heart and Lung, Sympathetic and parasympathetic regulation).

How can you fix my alignment?

When the skull on spine misalignment is corrected with a very specific adjustment, many of these symptoms can disappear if not moderated. This may sound too good to be true. But I’ve seen the power of this adjustment with my own eyes; a colleague of mine from Pampa, Texas whose wife suffers from MS. She has been wheelchair bound for 6 of the 10 years I have known them. She uses the wheel chair because she is just not stable enough to walk. True story I helped her out of the wheelchair and a colleague of mine preformed the adjustment.  I helped her off the table and she then felt stable enough to walk. She proceeded to walk behind the wheel chair for the remainder of the weekend conference we were attending.  Now with regular specific adjustments to her head on neck relationship, she is out of the wheelchair. She’s not cured, they didn’t remove the plaques from her brain, but her nervous system has been optimized allowing her relief.

For the last year now, I’ve attended seminars in Orlando, Dallas, Chicago, and New Orleans perfecting this specific adjustment. If you or a loved one has frozen shoulder, odd neurologic symptoms that can’t be defined or treated, give me a call.