I Want Candy

I Want Candy…. (Please see the video on Facebook for a good laugh.)

Do you need it though? How many of us have turned to overindulgence and got the COVID 15 from the COVID-19? More sweets, more take out, more snacks, more of everything.  What started as a way to help and support local businesses nearly turned into borderline overdoing it to cope. Needing a little help to unwind now and again isn’t a big deal or even a deal at all. However, When a little used to do it, but a little got more and more, even if you trying to get a little better than before; you’ll end up dancing with Mr. Brownstone. Not sure what Guns N Roses has to do with it, except not seeing them this past summer was one of 2020’s many victims.

Except for maybe Jeff Bezos and shareholders, 2020 hasn’t been kind to anyone and trends show it. Alcohol consumption is up. Sugar consumption is up. Junk food consumption is up. I’m not going to talk about dependency or weight gain. But we will discuss inflammation. I know we talk about inflammation a lot but it is important. In excess (not INXS, another ’80s great) overdoing it leads to the formation of chemicals that can “supercharge” any inflammatory process you already have. They can also create de novo inflammation that can turbocharge any physical or disease process that we may have going on. So, to feel better mentally, overconsumption can physically make you feel worse.

Sitting in front of a laptop at the kitchen table for 8 hours a day is already bad enough. No need to eat a headache or drink a herniated disc. If we keep our ‘medicine’ to no more than 10% of our daily calories (the ones we are supposed to consume, not necessarily the ones we are); we are good. If you think you might need help with chemical dependency or mental health-seek help. If you don’t know who or where we can help with resources.

You want to know what is a not just good but great coping mechanism? Massage so is acupuncture. If you’re looking for a way to deal with 2020, give us a call and give it a try.