I can’t move my neck!!!!

IMG_4651 (3) This is a screen shot of a post from one of our patients she gave us permission to share her story.  She has been to our office on and off over the past 10 years.  She, like many of you, is a busy young mom with two kids, lots to do and little time.  She is in good shape, goes to the gym a few   times a week and even teaches fitness classes.

On Monday, I get a call from her, she says: “Help I heard a pop and I can’t move my neck!”

I asked, “What did you do?”

“I got dressed!”

You may ask how you throw your back out getting dressed. This actually happens all the time, getting dressed, tying shoes, etc.. Nobody throws their back out from the one event of getting dressed, it’s the little, every day, often repetitive movements that cause tiny injuries (micro trauma) that build and build over time. Much like a rubber band frays from the stress of daily use. Then one day you just “throw out you back or neck.” And stress has never been anyone’s real friend, because stress can weaken your body and cause injuries.

First day, she came in moving around like batman (her words). You know, when you have to turn your entire body to see behind you. She came in everyday last week and Thursday she made this post you see pictured. I couldn’t have asked for a better advertisement! We used a treatment called spinal decompression; a mechanical traction table which promotes healing to discs in the neck and back. She said that it feels significantly better. It will be a few weeks before she is back in tip top shape but we are glad we are headed in the right direction.

When I asked if I could share story she said yes and sent this message back. “I would do anything for you guys.  Dr Lee is an amazing doctor and I wish everyone knew it and went to him.”