How to Treat Low Back Muscle Pain in Bel Air

The one phrase I hear that eats my goat more than any other, even more than “we are out of cheese dip;” is: “Yea, I’ve got chronic back pain, but it’s all muscular, there’s nothing that can be done for it.” That’s like saying: “Sure, the men’s room smells, but it’s just the air, there’s nothing you can do about it.” Sure you can, it’s called flushing and bleach.


Muscles don’t just spasm and hurt on their own, it comes from somewhere. There is always a cause. Sometimes the cause is obvious it’s a fall or accident.  Sometimes the cause is not as obvious it happens a little over time and you cannot pin point one incident. But finding the cause is key.

Do this. Let’s pretend we are ten years old and make a muscle using your arm.  Harder. Squeeze harder. If you did this for a few minutes, it would start to hurt. Now do it for 5, 10, 15 years. Imagine how much it hurts now.  When you have something wrong in your low back joints or discs, the muscles spasm to protect the joints; that’s how muscles cause low back pain.

Not only CAN we do something about low back pain caused by muscles we can also treat the cause of the spams.  Massage therapy, acupuncture and physical therapy are used to treat the muscle pain and discomfort and chiropractic is used treat the cause of the low back muscle spasm and pain by fixing the joints and discs that are causing it.

How does massage treat back pain? Do I even need to answer that question? It’s like tenderizing meat. We just rub out the knots, pain goes away.

How does acupuncture treat back pain? Some say magic. In reality it depends on what you want to believe I guess. Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that the body is controlled by opposing forces of nature and when they become un-balanced disease ensues. When the needles are placed in just the right spot you regain balance and disease goes away. IDK, it just works. Try it already.

How does PT treat back pain? Physical Therapy works in that a strong and stable back won’t go out. The caveat being, that the exercise absolutely has to be done pain free (so your body doesn’t cheat) in the correct plane and ranges of motion. It’s more than just heading to the gym and tossing the iron around. It involves very precise movements.

How does chiropractic treat back pain?  Joints are supposed to move in a very specific way to remain healthy over time. However, because of time, genetics, what you do to and with your body, and sometimes due to what you’re not doing; the joints stop working properly. This stops the natural squeezing of the discs which in turn leads to dehydration. Disc dehydration (desiccation) is the first step to bulging discs, herniated discs, slipped discs, protruded discs, arthritis, degenerative disc disease and a host of other issues. Chiropractic not only un-sticks the joints, but restores the natural squeeze to the disc; bringing them back to life. Chiropractic also stimulates the nervous system to promote healing (think re-booting a computer).