What is Laser?  According to the esteemed Dr. Evil, it’s a ‘sophisticated heating device.’ While the heat of a laser is good for blowing up spacecraft and for deranged medical doctors to travel in time in an attempt to conquer the world; the light of the laser causes increased cellular stimulation and promotes healing. In short the light has healing properties.

Dr. Evil

How does laser therapy work?

Laser therapy stimulates injured and dysfunctional tissues. This stimulation leads to increased growth factor response within cells and tissue causing accelerated cell reproduction and increased cell repair. Increased metabolic activity also means an increase in enzyme outputs, oxygen and nutrient availability; AND Stem cell activation.

The unicorn of the medical world is Stem or Stim (plural) cells.  Stim cells are a new “buzz” word in health care and rumored to be the next miracle cure. But like anything there are a few issues. First there is debate on where to ethically acquire the stim cells. Second “they” need figure out how to get the cells where to the injury in the body. And third, once 1 and 2 are solved how do you ensure the stems cells work?  Why mess around with unknown and un-proven foreign cells when you could just activate ones you already own? Essentially that is what laser therapy does actives your stems cells within your own body to increase healing.

“The Laser”

laser therapy

Veterinarians have been on the forefront of laser therapy and research for the better part of the last two decades. Why Vets? Because people love pets more and they make better patients (except for you of course).

If you’re sitting (or standing) there asking yourself: “Self, would laser be good for me?” The answer is yes. In fact, the only thing that laser isn’t good for treating is tumors/cancer (don’t want to increase the metabolic activity) and maybe a burn, cause of the heat (yes, it’s the light not the heat I said that right? But it does get warm. Heat is a byproduct of energy).