Happy New Year

By now, we’ve done given up on at least 50% of our resolutions and trying to figure out what the heck we’re going to do with leftover black eye peas (not the dude Fergie and will.i.am ghosted, but the legume you eat once a year because grandma said so).
New Year New Me? Nope, still the same ruggedly handsome son-of-a-gun I’ve always been. There was something new. In 20 years of practice, I’ve never taken more than 1 or at most 2 sick days in a row (there was a time that I had surgery and couldn’t adjust for a few weeks, but was still here every day). Last week when we went to bed and it was pushing 70 outside and by morning it was sub-freezing temps; I left a window open. I awoke to what I thought was just a dry sinus or allergies. But just to be 100% certain, I ran over to Express Care and got tested. Somehow, COVID was able to penetrate my triple-jabbed defenses. After a symptom-free week in the basement, I came to the conclusion that despite the rise in the number of available channels; Roger Waters was right about television choice.
I’m back now. As Susquehanna Spine & Rehab moves into year 16 year, we have some changes coming. More space, new equipment (hopefully it’s on the way), a new Doctor joining us in February, and some new staff.  What has not changed is our services, the ability to get you rescheduled and rescheduled easily, and a friendly welcoming environment. Eric and I have been finding great success with post-COVID and post-vaccine aches and pains. More of that in the next newsletter
Did you miss out on the Christmas massage special? Don’t fret, there’ll probably be one for Valentine’s. Come on in to find out.