Happy Holidays

Just wanted to drop a quick note wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season & New Year. As usual, it got here before we knew it or were ready (even though it happens at the exact same time every year for at least the last 2000 +/- years).

Susquehanna Spine & Rehab news:

  • If you haven’t been in, we are missing a wall!
  • Our lost equipment, I was promised, for the umpteenth time, will be arriving this week. For real this time. Hope you all get a chance to come by and use it.
  • Keeping with the Christmas theme of no room at the inn, Dr. Lee was turned away from a dozen clinics advertising walk-in booster shots for actually not giving walk-in booster shots; but he did find one and booster is complete.
  • And finally, not sure how since he gets younger every day, Dr Lee is entering his 20th year in practice.

We are all here normal hours Mon-Thursday this week. Dr. Leone and staff normal hours the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Then it’s 2022 ya’ll.