Grumpy Baby Syndrome

We had a baby visiting the office a few weeks ago with his mother and grandmother. Like anyone at the front desk would do, the girls and I (Mrs. Spine) up front were laughing and talking to the baby. He is super cute but man was he grouchy. This may have been the grumpiest baby I have ever met. The mom went on to explain that he was grouchy all the time and they were trying different formulas to try to help.

grumpy baby syndrome

We explained that often times grumpy babies can be adjusted and the effects are amazing.  They sleep better. Digestion is improved and acid re-flux decreased, Colic decreases. And ultimately the baby’s mood is greatly improved.

You might be asking: adjusting a baby? This is actually quite common for chiropractors. It is very safe and done very gently. If you think about the birthing process it can be quite traumatic for the infant. Sometimes babies are even “vacuumed” out. This can cause misalignment in the baby’s spine. These misalignment cause the other issues we described. A few chiropractic adjustments can greatly change a child’s entire behavior.

So the same baby came in a few days ago again with his mother and grandmother and of course the girls at the desk were talking to him. He was the happiest baby! He was smiling and laughing at them. His family said the difference is like night and day. He is a happy baby all the time and they are grateful we suggested chiropractic care.