Flip Flops are NOT Shoes

So anyone who knows me knows I love shoes!  My kids have also inherited my love of shoes.  What they don’t love is a daddy who knows about shoes and how footwear affects your body.  The shoes you choose are important!  Take tennis shoes for example: they are not all made alike, and they are not all the same support level or the same shape. Not all feet and shoes are the same shape; and all 7’s aren’t exactly the same size and shape either. Always try them on first. Also, did you know on average, most women wear shoes 2 sizes too small, and men wear 1 size too small?  Replace shoes often.  Check the wear on the bottom of your shoes. Shoes are like tires; by the time you see the wear, it’s too late.  Also look at how they wear, most often, they do not wear evenly across the foot, which can be a sign of future problems.  Listen to your body!  If you exercise and all of the sudden your legs or knees are uncomfortable, that is a sign your shoes could be worn.

fliplopsChoose appropriate footwear for your activity that day.  Our staff are on their feet all day; they all wear tennis shoes and custom orthotics.  Being on your feet all day does affect your body.  Dr.  Lee, who is so not into fashion, is very particular about his shoes for work.  He only wears one brand. We buy the same ones in two colors and we replace them every few months.  When looking at the worn shoes, the outside of the shoe looks fine, but after that time period, he feels the fatigue in his body.  He has chosen this brand of shoe because it is supportive, fits his foot shape, has a thick soft sole to absorb shock, and he is able to use custom orthotics.

This is all true for kids too.  My kids frown when they tell their friends my daddy does not let me wear flip flops.  My kids also do not wear wedges, much to their dismay.  We also choose our shoes for the activity of the day.  Tennis shoes are most often chosen for playgrounds, parks, amusement parks etc…

Reason to wear flips flops

  • Beach
  • Pool
  • To get mail
  • You are pregnant, and your feet do not fit in anything else

Places to not wear flip flops

  • Zoo
  • Play ground
  • Park
  • Amusement park
  • Shopping

So today’s lesson:  flip flops are not shoes, choose footwear for your daily activities, and replace shoes often.

If you tell your husband Dr.  Lee says you need to go shoe shopping, he will deny it!