Fat is Fun

Fun facts about FAT
-Your (and yes I’m talking to you) brain is made mostly of fat
-Eating fat does not make you fat (eating more calories than you burn, be they fat, carbs or protein makes you fat).
-Fat is the primary fuel source for your heart, especially during aerobic activity.
-Unsaturated fats (the one’s you can’t see at room temperature) are good for you.

-The food your food eats determines the tertiary structure of fat molecules. Omega 3 fatty acids are made by animals that eat what they were evolutionarily designed to eat. In other words, when a cow eats grass, its fat is Omega 3, when it eats corn, soy etc, it’s Omega 6. Omega 6 fatty acids are pro-inflammatory. They promote the development and manifestation of inflammatory diseases and disorders. Omega 3’s fight inflammation.
-Fats produce almost twice as many calories per gram than carbs and protein.
-Low fat foods often times have more calories, sugar and salt than their “normal fat” counter-parts.
-Consumption of fat is necessary for eye, nerve, and brain development along with absorbing vitamins A, D and K amongst others.
-Depending on your needs and health, you should get 10-25% of your daily calories from fat.
Healthy Highlight:
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