Don’t tell Mother Nature but I think its Spring

In Chinese medicine, there is a cycle of seasons.  Winter is the time of water, Spring is wood, Summer is fire, and Fall is metal.  When you move between the seasons, there are periods of transition called Earth. During these Earth transitions, your body is more susceptible to disharmony.  This disharmony manifests in many ways, such as allergies, body pain, headaches, moodiness, and neurological issues.

There are some practices that can help you adjust to these changes. First, keep the body (particularly the neck) covered in the presence of wind.  Second, keep the muscles pliable with regular stretching and exercise. Third, proper nutrition will help with the transition.

Drinking warm water with lemon is an excellent way to dissolve Phlegm that is common due to the dampness left from the Winter Season. This is best in the morning and at meals. Lightly cooked leafy green vegetables are always a good choice. Celery is particularly good for the liver. Lycii berries and jasmine tea are beneficial for those with eye issues. Dandelion leaves are considered a cleansing treatment especially for those who tend to be warm, are of robust constitution, or are easy to anger. Stress and frustration can be a sign of a Wood imbalance and is common in the transition to spring. Acupuncture works best to return the body to harmony for this condition. Relaxation, meditation and exercise are all helpful.

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