Day of the Dead

The Dead Are Alive

Happy Day of the Dead everyone! When I lived in the San Antonio region as a younger man, Dia de Muertos was more popular than Halloween. This is a widely known celebration in Mexico and other Mexican influenced regions of the Southwest. Crazy thing is, earlier when I lived just 200 miles to the east outside of Houston I had never heard of it. Similarly having lived for 15+ years off and on, on the Texas Gulf Coast, home to most of the off-season blue crabs, never had a steamed one till I moved here.

It all comes down to familiarity and what you’re used to. Even though chiropractors have been around for a long time now (some say spinal manipulation dates back to Aristotle), not everyone is all that familiar with us. You should be though. If I included every study showing how cool we were in this email, I’d crash your server. Sure, there are nay-sayers; but they’re mostly jealous haters and weirdos (like us Texans that would clean then boil our crabs in pieces).

So don’t be weird, if it hurts, call your chiropractor. If it doesn’t work, call your chiropractor. If you need physical therapy, call this chiropractor and for DOT exams, you guessed it.