Caution: Good Side Effects May Occur

It doesn’t matter who you are, explosive diarrhea is funny. You can’t watch 3 minutes of TV without seeing a drug commercial. By law, they have to list the most common side effects. There’s yet to be one that doesn’t seemingly lead to the trots or something else you DO NOT want to happen. The other one that always makes my girls giggle is when they say: “if you experience sudden death, please contact your health care provider.”

Side effects are a constant due to the laws of physics. Most of them are quite scary; others not that bad. Propecia and Viagra were both originally heart medications that didn’t really work well for heart conditions, but had some interesting side effects.

Chiropractic, too, has some side effects. The bad ones are soreness or tenderness that only lasts a few days but the good ones are great:

  • Increased Energy: Chiropractic eliminates interference from pain and inflammation and allows the body to allocate resources that result in increased energy
  • Boosted Immunity: Adjustments have a positive effect on the nervous system that helps turbo-charge many of its functions most common is the body’s ability to fight off sickness.
  • Improved Joint Function: Every joint in the body has an optimal range of motion or the path where it should move for best performance. Stress from life or activities can cause increased stress on the joint where it does not move in this optimal range of motion. The adjustment will return the joint to its optional movement.
  • Decrease Muscle Stiffness And Pain: When your joints are not moving properly it creates stress on the muscles and ligaments associated with the joints.  This is when pain occurs.  The adjustments as mentioned above will restore proper movement and relieve the pain and stiffness in the muscles.
  • Improved Mood: Often when pain and muscle stiffness is gone patients actually mentally feel better as well.  They can deal with stress better and they do not feel the physical effects so the metal condition is often improved.  Patients often tell us how their friends and family comment on how much less grouchy they are after chiropractic care; we have seen it first hand

Caution: Chiropractic may cause increased energy, boosted immunity, improve joint function, decrease muscle stiffness and pain, increased mood and increased health! Tell a friend or family member when these occur.