Best Gift Ever

It’s that time of the year when the Grinch in me thinks about having to spend money I don’t have on people I don’t like for crappy gifts they don’t want. Then there’s the “mandatory fun”; office holiday parties, those dried out things called cookies and heaven help us, fruitcake. But it’s not ALL bad, right? I’m sure some of us have a few people we can stand and want to give gifts to, right? I mean, it is better to give than receive after all.  This year, you can both get and give. If you buy 3, 1 hour massages, you get 1 free ½ hour for yourself (I’ve been asked, and yes it’s okay to keep the 3 for you and give away the ½), or buy 5 and get a whole hour just for you. Why massage?

Here’s why, massage therapy will:


·         Alleviate pain
·         Make pregnancy and labor more comfortable
·         Enhance immunity by stimulating lymphatic flow
·         Reduce edema (Swelling)
·         Relieve muscle tension
·         Improve performance
·         Fight depression and anxiety
·         Reduce scar tissue
·         Hasten recovery from surgery
·         Fight migraines
·         Promote healing
·         End stress
And above all else, make you the best gift giver of all time!
I’ve just been told by the editorial review board (wife) that I have to say a few nice things about the holidays too. It doesn’t really matter which holiday you celebrate or if none or even all, it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the ones you love, eat too much, play too much and laugh too much. It’s also a great time to serve and help others; make your, (our) community a better place to be.  As been sung-‘peace on Earth, good will towards men.’
(I wish I could take credit for the following, but one quote is from the Pope, the other Wyld Stallyns.  I forget which is which though): However, no peace will have solid foundations unless hearts nourish the sentiment of brotherhood which ought to exist among all who have common origin and destiny.  So be excellent to each other.