For all of ya’ll who have really listened to me over the years (rules out wife & kids) know I emphasize prevention. An ounce of it is worth a pound of cure. When I encourage you to come in for your bi-weekly to monthly adjustment even though you’re feeling great; or when your dentist wants you in every 6 months it’s not just because we like you. Well, I guess it is because we like you because we want to keep from having to see you 3 times a week again (or maybe it’s because we don’t want to see you???).

So unless you live in a cave, you know that October is breast cancer awareness month. So I’m going to aware you. Cancer aka neoplasia, is the result of meta & anaplasia; which is Latin for stress causes cancer. With breast as in most other cancers, the main culprit is chemical stress-genetics being #1. However, just because you are genetically pre-disposed, doesn’t mean it has to happen. Take the watermelon seed. If you plant it in the ground, you get a watermelon plant; if you swallow it (or as in the case of my brother c.1979 stick it up your nose) you don’t get a watermelon plant. That’s because of environment.

When it comes to genetics, there’s nothing you can do. But you do have control over your co-factors. The key to fighting breast cancer and other diseases is modifying your internal environment. We do that by controlling stress-physical, chemical and emotional.

1.Physical-Be sure to wear proper fitting, supportive bras. And avoid other direct trauma to that area.

2. Chemical-chemical stress other than genetics causes inflammation in your body. This inflammation then in turns fuels the fires of disease. Cut back on chemical stress by not smoking; drinking less; avoiding simple carbs, phytoestrogens, processed and modified foods. 3, Emotional-chill ;).

You won’t be able to, nor is it even possible to completely eliminate your risk for breast cancer (doesn’t mean don’t try); so early detection is key.