It Happens

auto accident injuriesMy oldest just finished up taking Driver’s Ed. According to her, the class was just about all the many ways you can have an accident. Like Forrest Gump says, it happens.

So the other day I was stopped at a red light at a major intersection. When the light turned green the car in front of me did not move, nor did I; but the car behind me did, and did so with haste. The Bumper is jacked up, trunk won’t shut right but it is still drivable. A minor accident however does not mean there is no injury. My head struck the head rest giving me a headache almost immediately. Over the next few minutes, hours and days the symptoms of a mild concussion, as well as muscle stiffness in neck, back and left knee settled in.

It has been proven time and time again that there is no direct correlation between the severity of the property damage and the severity of the physical injuries sustained in an auto accident. Injuries can and do occur with little property damage, especially in rear end collisions. This is because an injury such as whiplash affects the soft tissues, ligaments, and tendons which are often injured when force is applied.

According to a study commissioned by General Motors (GM), whiplash can occur in car accidents at speeds of less than 8 miles per hour. Whiplash and soft tissue injuries if left untreated can cause medical problems for years following the accident.

As with all other injuries and illnesses, the key is early treatment, to not only limit the pain and disability, but to ward off future issues. Immediately following my accident, I treated with ice and continued to do so for the next 36 hours. The next morning, I began with therapy at my office, including electric muscle stim and Range of Motion exercises to help the muscle issues. For the concussion, I began active rehab including vestibular exercises. Chiropractic adjustments and massage have also been key for me. Our associate is not only my employee, he is my chiropractor. He has been adjusting me multiple times a week since the accident.

I am happy to say treatment worked! Symptoms of the concussion have subsided, pain and stiffness in the back has decreased and my treatment frequency has been able to decrease. Don’t let the insurance company, your Facebook friends or your husband’s brother’s uncle tell you you’re not hurt when you are. If you’ve been involved in an accident, call today! (443) 512-0025