A Three Hour Tour

Not to bore you with the mundane of my life, but in Sunday School lately we’ve been reading from Isaiah. His prolific work is often quoted by the majority of all major religions and is also widely used in history and classic humanities. His biggest claim to fame though was the use of allegories. I have one for you, but unlike the prophet, I won’t make you figure it out yourself…

It’s a nice, calm and sunny day, so you take your yacht out on a long ocean voyage. All of a sudden, you start to take on water. Luckily for you, you have a giant bucket. You’re able to bail it all out, but you discover a hole. At this point you really only have 2 choices: wait for the boat to fill up again to the point of sinking, then get out the bucket or bail it out as you go. Then attempt to fix the hole (but you have a 2 ½ inch patch for a 3 inch hole).

You are the boat. The hole is a result of your daily routine (sitting in the car, sitting in front of the computer, falling down the stairs back in college, having been pregnant, what you eat, the vitamins you don’t take, the coke you drink instead of water, putting up with your boss and on and on and on). The water is disease, discomfort and disorder. I am the bucket, all be it and extremely handsome, intelligent and witty bucket, but a bucket none the less.

Your life is what gets you to my office. Together, we can undo the damage, but you still have a life to live. You can wait till it catches up with you again, and start the healing process all over or you can enjoy the benefits of continued chiropractic care in all its glory. Then attempt to de-stress your life. Which you never will; you’ll either have to go to work or be broke, put up with your spouse or be lonely (or happy with ½ your stuff) and switch your diet to an all picked only when ripe veggie and grass feed organic meat diet-but it’ll never be enough, there will always be a hole in the boat.

Healthy Highlight

Depending on where you’re from, Maryland is the northern most Southern state, the southern most Northern state or the middle most middle state. Which ever, it’s that time of year where we no longer receive direct rays of sunlight to synthesize enough Vitamin D for our immune system and emotional well being. Pick yours up today.