2020 Wins the most Stressful Year Award


Are you good? Things have been a bit off the chain lately. I think we can all agree 2020 wins the award for the most stressful year. Stress is the body’s response to a threat, real or perceived. Stress activates the sympathetic nervous system (think fight or flight) to help you respond or defend to the issue at hand.

However, chronic stress can have physical and mental complications including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, reduced immune function, thyroid disorders, alcoholism, diabetes, anorexia nervosa as well as depression. The top five leading causes of death have all been linked to stress: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide. Therefore, therapeutic techniques that reduce the harmful consequences of stress and facilitate effective coping mechanisms are essential to healthy living.

That’s why for years now experts (real ones. Not just the ones on TV), have touted massage and its ability to fight stress. Massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system facilitates the return to homeostasis after an emergency by reversing some of the physiological systems activated during the stress response; resulting in relaxation and recovery from stress.


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