Neck Pain Treatment in Bel Air, MD

Stiff neck? Sore neck? Unfortunately, these are symptoms that many of our patients come into our office with. Although these symptoms seem like they are the main issue, we need to remember that they are just that – SYMPTOMS. A symptom is a result of a medical condition or an injury.

Neck pain is a very common medical condition. The neck pain causes may not always be apparent while you are experiencing neck problems, but that’s where we come in to help. Our initial goal is to identify the neck pain cause and develop of care plan with two purposes. The first purpose is to relieve the pain and the second is to heal the condition causing the neck pain in order to prevent it from returning.

Neck pain can come from a number of disorders and diseases of any tissues in the neck region. Examples of common conditions producing neck pain are:

Neck pain can also come from conditions directly affecting the muscles of the neck, such as:

Neck pain is sometimes referred to as “cervical pain” as it pertains to the cervical region of the spine.

Whether you woke up with that annoying crick in neck or you are experiencing severe neck pain that is interfering with your life, we’re here to help. Hurt no more!

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Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had pain in my neck and shoulders, and my heavy backpack certainly did not help throughout my school years. I’ve also had bad posture due to wearing heavy backpacks. Now that I’m an adult, my pain continues, but Dr. Lee is helping me a lot. I have an appointment twice a week, and I can definitely tell a difference. I use pain management along with the tens unit and physical therapy. All three of these services are working great and I’m definitely feeling better. Dr. Lee is very kind and funny, and he always makes me laugh. I feel very comfortable with him as my doctor.
Andrea, 28

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Dr. Lee was amazing. The staff was very friendly and professional.

Chris M

I have been a patient of Dr.Lee's for about 10 months now. As a 22 year old, I have been suffering from back pain since I was about 13 years old. The pain increased a few years ago and despite physical therapy performed at other facilities, and pain medications from the doctor I was unable to control the level of discomfort I was in. I found Dr. Lee and have been extremely happy with my results.

Dennet L.